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On September 9, 1980 a small group of O&R Utilities Employees chartered the credit union.  It was formed for the purpose of creating a place where employees could save and borrow safely, confidentially and at fair rates of interest.

Originally located onsite of O&R Utilities in Spring Valley, NY we relocated to O&R Utilities Blooming Grove, NY location until 2013.  Our current location is at 14 Talmadge Court in Monroe, NY.

In 2007 the credit union amended its original charter to include those having the same common bond: all entities that dealt in electric power generation, transmission, or distribution in various counties throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

As the membership has grown since the credit unions inception, so have the products and services that we offer. The credit union continues to enhance its product and service lines to bring value to the benefits of membership.

From our roots as a small financial institution, O&R Utilities Employees Federal Credit Union success is thanks to our family of loyal members. Now, more than ever, the difference between credit unions and banks is evident. You, as members, are our owners and our board members are volunteers. This means that instead of paying directors or shareholders, we give back to you with low rates on loans, competitive rates on savings products and low fees.

At its heart, O&R Utilities Employees Federal Credit Union is dedicated to helping members and their families improve their financial well-being, always working in your best interest and making a difference in their lives.  Each member possesses equal rights in the credit union-one member, one vote regardless of the amount of savings on deposit or volume of business. We want to continue to develop meaningful relationships where members view us as their trusted financial partner.